Webinar Online Video: Utilizing Dynamic Partnerships to Ignite Innovation in Africa

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Webinar Online Video: Utilizing Dynamic Partnerships to Ignite Innovation in Africa

This webinar addresses how Qualcomm® empowers stakeholders and innovators through access to multinational resources.

On the 13th of September 2017, InStrat Global Health Solutions participated in a Qualcomm Wireless Reach sponsored Webinar titled “Utilizing Dynamic Partnerships to Ignite Innovation in Africa”. The webinar was hosted by Africa Business Portal and featured Qualcomm Wireless Reach mLearning project in Kenya in partnership with eLimuKenya and WISE Fishing solution in Senegal with FHI360.


The aim of the webinar is to demonstrate how dynamic public-private partnership has helped to spur innovation and accelerated social good.


MODERATOR: Leland Clegg: President Africa Business Portal: Moderator

PRESENTER: Kyle Moss: Senior Government Affairs Program Manager– Qualcomm Wireless Reach


Okey Okuzu:  CEO InStrat Global Health Solutions

Sam Rich: CEO eLimu Kenya

Bienvenue Agbopkonto: Government Affairs Director, West & Central Africa—Qualcomm

Berhane Gebru: Director of Programs—TechLab, FHI360


Qualcomm®, a company whose technologies powered the smartphone revolution and connected billions of people, introduced their Qualcomm Wireless Reach™ initiative. This initiative’s innovative approach to partnering unleashes African creativity and expands stakeholder results. In this webinar video, you will understand how lives are positively impacted when a multinational company invests its finances, people, technologies and other resources in expanding capabilities of African entrepreneurs and stakeholders. The webinar presents multiple program successes in healthcare, education and entrepreneurship.

Kyle Moss introduced a Qualcomm Wireless Reach initiative. Qualcomm Wireless Reach is using advanced mobile and wireless technologies to strengthen human and economic development in underserved communities globally. Wireless Reach projects foster entrepreneurship, aid in public safety, enhance the delivery of health care, enrich teaching and learning, and support environmental security.


Qualcomm Wireless Reach is celebrating 10 years of accomplishment. Over the last 10 years, Wireless Reach has implemented 119 programs in 47 countries, engaged with 660 stakeholders and changed 11 Million people, partnering with the government, stakeholders, NGOs, operators, regulatory agencies and the private sectors.


Bienvenue Agbokponto described that Qualcomm Government affairs initiative in Africa enables the provision of advanced mobile broadband services, provides applications and services to consumers and enterprises, and support the ICT industry to continue strong economic growth by engaging in dialogue with government authorities that promotes sound public policies and addresses emerging regulatory, policy and legislative issues. “At Qualcomm, we believe that access to 3G, 4G and next generation mobile technologies can improve people’s lives. Qualcomm’s business model involves invention, collaboration, and sharing. Our goal is not only to bring the most advanced technology to the market, but also to bring it to where it’s most needed” Bienvenue stated.


The CEO of InStrat Global Health Solutions Okey Okuzu says that InStrat’s goal is to leverage mobile health innovation to overcome barriers to health care delivery in low resource settings presented by infrastructural challenges. In partnership with state government and development organizations, InStrat had deployed advanced mobile and wireless technologies in underserved communities in remote states of Nigeria to allow better access to healthcare solutions and services. Mr. Okey expressed that the longstanding partnership with Qualcomm Wireless Reach has helped InStrat achieved a tremendous growth as stakeholders appreciate our value.


InStrat deployed Electronic Health Data Management (CliniPAK), that allow point of healthcare data capture, and Mobile Health Worker Training (VTR Mobile) which provides quality and low-cost corporate training for Health Workers. InStrat also implement Electronic Disease Surveillance system (EWORS), which uses GPS mapping to detect potential disease outbreaks for epidemic prevention. These technologies have the combined impact, reducing urban/rural health service disparity. InStrat have created a healthcare improvement model that can extend into other parts of Nigeria and other countries with similar health system characteristics. InStrat work has earned international recognition and some of the impact of InStrat project include; preparing Frontline Health Workers for Ebola Disease Management, successful electronic surveillance on Methanol poisoning outbreak in Ondo State, and successful pilot of a mobile training application involving 200 health workers that showed an increase in knowledge test scores from an average of 44% before the program to 77% afterward.


During the webinar, InStrat success stories and business models were highlighted in pictures showing InStrat field projects in multiple health technology deployment and health worker training, stakeholder engagement and on-site challenges. To ensure optimum access to healthcare services in rural areas, InStrat leverages satellite for internet and renewable solar for power supply to deliver effective mobile health solutions in off-the grid facilities.


eLimu Kenya is an e-learning start-up based in Nairobi that uses technology to help students in the classroom. In partnership with Qualcomm Wireless Reach, mLearning education program in Kenya equips students with 3G enabled tablets and eLimu learning application. The result of Wireless Reach  digital Learning program in Kenya indicates a successful pilot with over 450 students and 37 teachers and is recognized as first-ever education initiative by Wireless Reach in Sub-Saharan Africa that utilizes 3G  tablet-based learning methods to educational outcomes for standard 7 and 8 students preparing their Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) exams. Sam Rich expressed that the digital classroom has enabled smart learning among students and there is increased performance in science and mathematics subject. Few challenges include the maintenance cost of the technology and the fear of teachers’ job automation.


Berhane Gebru discussed the impact of Qualcomm Wireless Reach partnership with FHI360 on Wireless Fishing in Senegal. WISE Fishing improves the income and livelihood of fishers and processors using wireless technologies. Electronic fish market transmits data via local 3G wireless network accessible by fishers and processors on a smartphone. The solution helps to mitigate key challenges of Artisanal Fishery such as lack of access to market prices information, limited access to affordable loan and banking services, unhygienic fish processing practices and lack of access to reliable weather and navigation information. The WISE Fishing solution provides fish processing best practices, safety and security, sustainable fishing, and health information in video, audio, EPUB and other eBook formats. At the time of emergency, the app send GPS coordinates and type of emergency to the coast guard and emergency contact persons of the fisherman. WISE fishing in Senegal has been deployed in major fish landing and processing sites, while fish processors have reported improvement in their processing capacity from 100 to 1,000 kilos/month. FHI360 and Qualcomm Wireless Reach and other partners to expand the use of WISE across Senegal.


Responding to the question asked by the Moderator Leland Clegg, regarding stakeholder feedback on the effectiveness of Qualcomm Wireless projects in Africa, the Gov’t Affairs Director at Qualcomm, Bienvenue said that there is a positive response from the stakeholders and the state government are now taking up project scalability and sustainability, using CliniPAK360 expansion in Ondo state as an example.


InStrat CEO, Mr. Okuzu added that high level of stakeholders’ engagement in all InStrat mHealth projects in Nigeria drives success.


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