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CliniPAK Mobile Electronic Health Records



CliniPAK is a tablet computer based point-of-care data capture and decision support tool that allows health workers to capture patient health information and send the pertinent data points and information to remote servers through any of the available mobile networks.  CliniPAK Software is a streamlined electronic medical record, including patient registration and demographics, vitals capture diagnosis, treatment, case review and administrative task support.

CliniPAKs enable immediate alerts for at-risk patients, referrals to secondary health systems and on-demand reporting – all enabling care administrators to increase productivity and streamline the patient’s clinical experience. Patient data is also available for recall on the tablet, at the point of care.  The immediate availability of up-to-date medical data means clinicians and health workers are able to make informed, timely decisions that can assist in ultimately saving lives.  In situations where power supply is not available, we have provided portable solar chargers that have enabled the tablets be power independent.  Our database currently contains important data points on the demographics and health conditions of over 250,000 pregnant women.



CliniPAKs have been deployed for Maternal and Child Health in Nigeria since September 2013 in National Primary Healthcare Development Agency (NPHCDA) and SURE P Maternal Health Program primary health facilities.  Wirelessly connected tablets equipped with CliniPAK have been provided to midwives and health workers in 125 rural and urban Primary Health Centers in Ondo, Kano and Anambra, Lagos States and the Federal Capital Territory.  We have also equipped two specialized Mother and Child Hospitals in Akure and Ondo with CliniPAKs.  We are now in the process of scaling this system out to approximately 300 Primary Health Facilities in Ondo State and introducing it to Lagos and Ogun States.

InStrat has also partnered with Nigeria’s Federal Ministry of Health to automatically link CliniPAK data to the national Health Management Information System to enable the automatic transfer of patient level or aggregated data to DHIS2 to improve the accuracy and timeliness of data reported the National Health Management Information System.  Real time data is aggregated for reporting through a real-time web portal.

We are now able to complete the feedback loop from data capture to reporting to fact based decisions and measuring the impact of those decisions allowing an accurate demonstration of impact of decisions on outcomes.   You can view a short video presentation of CliniPAK here:

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